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Perth get mashed with Sacramento

First of all. We realise that Willie Cauley Stein isn't there anymore. BUT this did make for a great face mashup! Damian Martin, who announced his retirement just days ago is the reason we picked the Perth Wildcats for this weeks' mashup.

Perth have always had a respectable uniform. Always nothing too fancy, but nice none the less. Their current uniform is no different. This year featuring the claw marks.... and that's about it.

Our only knock on this uniform is that is may be called a little...plain?

We decided to mash this with the simplest of uniforms that would help the Perth kit up just a bit - The Sacramento Kings City uniform:

Another fine example of a classy, basic uniform design. These Kings uniforms I think looked better in the baby blue from previous years, but these are a nice change up.

So we made a few simple, subtle changes to the Perth Kit and were really happy with the result. See what you think for yourself!

Let us know your thoughts on our socials! Looking for uniforms for your squad? Click here

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