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Sydney Kings Get Mashed - NBA X NBL

Our first NBA X NBL Mashup saw us applying an NBL design to an NBA uniform, when we mashed the Denver Nuggets and Illawarra Hawks. This week, we decided to bring elements from a legendary NBA uniform to the NBL. For those who couldn't work out who was on the cover, that's obviously Devin Bogut (Devin Booker and Andrew Bogut's lovechild). See where we are going with this yet? That's right - Phoenix Suns X Sydney Kings.

Sacramento may have been the obvious choice here. But we like to be creative... And creative is what we have been!

The Phoenix Suns sported some of the best uniforms the NBA has seen in the mid 90s. Charles Barkley's Suns won the Western Conference finals in these jerseys back in 1993. Although this design is now 27 years old, it still remains a favourite among many.

The current Sydney Kings uniform is another story though..

Their aim was clear - to create a basic style jersey that became a classic that they wouldnt need to change for years and years (like the Bulls jersey above). The result was far from it though (in our humble opinion). This uniform has a very "Lakers" feel about it, sure. But there is nothing to compliment the simplicity of the text. These are probably our least favourite NBL jerseys this season.

So here is what we did when we mashed these two designs together. We think we achieved a simple, classy uniform here. Not too complex, not too retro looking. Just a stylish rendition of an old classic, applied to a team that needs a makeover:

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