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What the NBL should name their newest franchise

In the last week, the NBL announced they will be expanding the league and returning a franchise to the state of Tasmania. The news has been extremely well received, especially by Tasmanians (no surprise, right?). Tasmania has been without a National Basketball League team since 1996 after the NBL revoked their license due to financial difficulties.

Watch the announcement below:

Since the announcement was made, we have been at work coming up with a name and uniform design to match Tassie's new franchise.

Factors considered in our design:


We applaud the NBL for awarding the entire state this new franchise rather than just Hobart, or Launceston. This is a team that the whole state can get around and support, opening up membership opportunities around the whole state.

Old Colours, New Franchise

While this is a completely new team, we decided to go with "traditional" Tassie colours; Green, red and yellow. This keeps the franchise in line with other sports such as footy and cricket, while giving die hard Hobart Devil supporters something that they can hold dear.

Devils? Nah

This would be too simple and in our opinion, to the detriment of the franchise. A fresh name could attract supporters from other towns and cities and help cultivate memberships and a following with Tasmanians.

Well, hurry up and show us!

Ok, ok - time to show you what we came up with. An important consideration before we go ahead. Sponsors are purely as a mock purpose only. Spirit of Tasmania and Nyrstar are not actual sponsors of this new franchise. They are a couple of bigger companies in Tasmania that could potentially sponsor the team... nothing more!

The team name we went with is another Tasmanian icon from years past - the Tasmanian Tiger. Although this is not the first Tigers franchise the NBL will have seen, we believe this gives the franchise a great opportunity to stick with its colour scheme, but not the old name associated with Hobart alone.

"Check out your newest franchise, the Tasmania Tigers" what we would love to hear sometime soon!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials!

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