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The 10 Signs your Midweek Sports Team is Doomed

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We love our midweek sport; the comradery, the fun, the fitness! Your team has committed to the season, you’ve got your custom made jerseys, and you’ve been watching NBA highlights. However, all too often it doesn’t turn out how we planned, and years later you look back on the season saying ‘We would’ve gone through undefeated if (one of the following) had never happened.’ So what is it exactly that tends to greatly affect your awesome midweek team?

1. The Schedule

The team manager claims that he was never given a schedule so you’re left hammering him every Wednesday afternoon for the game time for that night.

2. The Facebook group chat

The chat get’s lit every day with everyone talking junk so you muted the conversation, and then proceeded to miss out on all the important upcoming game information such as ‘Game has been moved an hour forward this week’ and ‘Mate can you bring the alternate singlets that are in your boot?’ The best way around the alternate singlets situation is to get yourselves some reversible playing singlets! More info on them HERE.

3. The angry one

There’s that one big bloke in your team that gets tech-fouled every week. You claim that the refs have it in for you, and old mate certainly doesn’t help your cause. Further to this, your ‘Court Captain’ calls a timeout and questions every call, resulting in more fouls being called on your team.

Then there’s the superstitious team member..

4. The superstitious player

You want to swap bibs and have a go up forward, but Susan claims that one time when she was eleven she went in defence and rolled an ankle, so now she thinks that it’s a bad omen and refuses to move positions.

5. Uniform & Team name dramas

Your basketball uniforms (netball, football or soccer uniforms too!) are terrible and your team name is either named after a professional sports team, a sexual innuendo or the Flint Tropics. Taylor Teamwear have put together a Free eBook in the form of their Buyer’s Guide to help you with the team name & uniform design process! Get your FREE copy HERE.

How about that guy who never coughs up when it’s his turn..

6. The Tight-Arse

That one player who’s the biggest tight-arse. Every time that it’s their turn to pay for the team sheet, they don’t turn up. They don’t even call in sick!

7. Mixed Netball or Men’s Football?

There’s two blokes in your mixed netball team that think this game is a by-product of football. They will happy take women out if it means another hardball get.

And when you need a fill-in..

8. Where’s the fill-in?

Your team is short so you get your mate to fill in. You try to meet up with three different players during the week to grab their uniforms, but it’s all to no avail. So your fill-in is left running round in a Lakers jersey while your team is deducted points by the officiators.

custom basketball uniforms

9. ‘My State team mate will play’

There’s that one player in your team who claims that his mate who plays for the state team said that he’d play. After Round 5 you start to question him. By Round 10 you know that he’s full of rubbish even though he’s still standing by his original claim. At the end of the season you find out that he never actually asked him in the first place.

10. Who’s going to score?

You never have enough players to have a scorer, so you put the faith in the girlfriend of one of the opposition players and all of a sudden you’re down by 10 and you already have 5 team fouls and the game hasn’t started yet.

We’ve experienced one or most probably several of the above in our time, however that just makes the experience all the more fun! Are there any players or situations that we have left out? Please tell us in the comments below! Thinking of starting a new team? Head over to now for your FREE Buyer’s Guide eBook!

Yours in all local sport,

Dale Taylor

(03) 9005 8386

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