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The newest Basketball Uniforms in South East Super League

Taylor Teamwear has been working closely with South East Super League now for 2 years & have come up with some awesome designs over the time. This league is an exciting concept where players are drafted to franchises and the owners of these franchises can trade their players to other teams during the season. It has had a huge amount of success and is now enjoying it's biggest season ever of players, teams and of course - Basketball uniforms. With the new season dawning on us now, Let's Take a look at some of the freshest uniforms coming out of South East Super League over the last couple of weeks.


1. Koo Wee Rup Koalas

The Koo Wee Rup Koalas were one of the first teams that had their uniform unveiled. They have gone with a retro style jersey, looking straight out of the 90s. If you look closely you will see some retro patterns within the design, combined with the colour scheme to result in one of our favourites in SESL history.

Koo Wee Rup Koalas Uniform 2019

2. Clyde Kittens The Clyde Kittens are one of the 6 new franchises coming to the league, in what is the league's biggest expansion in history. The Kittens new jerseys have taken on a very Miami Vice feel to it, resembling the Miami Heats Alternate uniforms for 2019. These uniforms are certainly very out there, but one that has been very well received by our audience!


3. Cardinia Crocs

A team that has been in the league since it's creation, the Crocs are among only a handful of teams that have made it this far. They have seen a few redesigns of their uniforms, with their 2019 jerseys again going retro, with a very Seattle Supersonics feel to it. These were a classic kit back in the day and even now are still widely regarded as a favourite


4. Pakenham Upper Unicorns

The Pakenham Upper Unicorns are also a new franchise to South East Super League in 2019. This design was particularly challenging for us as we had to walk a fine line of making the uniforms look "unicorny" without straight up looking "corny". When this was released the verdict was unanimous & are many's favourite uniform that they have seen so far.

Stay tuned next week for some more SESL uniforms as we release them!


The Taylor Teamwear Team

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