The NBA's Icon Jerseys, from worst to best

For years now we have wanted to jump on here and voice our opinion on the NBA's uniforms. There are some teams that are trend setters and really at the forefront of jersey design. Other teams seem to put little thought and effort into their teams threads. Here are the NBA's Worst to Best Icon jerseys: 30 - Charlotte Hornets

These are awful. Their look was cutting edge when it first came out and attracted a lot of interest... in 2014. Now in 2020, the Hornets have joined the growing list of franchises throwing an abbreviation on their jersey and sending the kids out to play. Dated design, tacky 3 letter abbreviation (in oversized lettering).

Grade: F


We do have to give them plenty of credit for their city jerseys - a throwback to the 90s, a time when this franchise's uniforms rocked, as did their teams.

29 - Cleveland Cavaliers

Another uniform that had plenty of admirers when they first came out. These uniforms were praised for their simplicity and were a welcome change from their wine and gold uniforms. However, these dated very quickly. The chunky, block font and jagged numbers are a bad combination. It leaves us to think what could have been, as the colour scheme is actually really classy.

Grade: D-

28 - Phoenix Suns

Phoenix somewhere along the line have gone off track. The 90's saw the glory days of Suns uniforms, with the Barkley era and the bursting basketball sun across the front. Kids would proudly wear these to school and pretend to be the Round Mound of Rebound. These days, their uniforms are nothing buy a promising colour scheme. So much could be done with the purple and orange. It wouldnt take too much to turn this around. Some black splashed in rather than the white and a new "Phoenix" font'alone would see this soar up the rankings. For now though, it sits at 28.

Grade: D

27 - Washington Wizards

Washington are one team that has very rarely had a nice uniform. The Gilbert Arenas era divided fans with the gold and black, in your face, dazzle fabric uniforms. These uniforms aren't THAT bad, they are just dated (again). They are already experimenting with their other jerseys - hopefully they can find one to replace this as their everyday uniform.

Grade: D+

26 - Sacramento Kings

These uniforms frustrate me. The colour scheme is great, it works very well. The massive block letters across the front - not so much. With a little work these could be really quite classy and nice. "Kings" in a nice cursive font or similar would dress this up nicely and transform it from bulky and rude to classy and sleek

Grade: D+

25 - Los Angeles Lakers

These are rude. The black side panels are offensive and something we haven't seen before on a Lakers kit. Had we talked about the home strip I would speak a lot more fondly of it, being a throwback to the showtime days, done very tastefully. These just look out of place. Yellow side panels, although a bit more boring, would have looked a lot nicer.

Grade: D

24 - Golden State Warriors

Some people really like this uniform. I guess it's not all that bad. It's been around a long time and really needs an update. We would love to see a throwback mashup to the Chris Mullin era, with the "Warriors" splashed across the front. But hey, that's just our two cents.

Grade: C-

23 - Detroit Pistons